Nationwide Business Debt Collection

You Get Paid or You Owe Us Nothing

Does a Company or Business owe you money?

You need a top debt collection and legal team to handle ALL your late accounts. Pratt & Bagley collects commercial debts for clients in all 50 US States, Mexico, and Canada. 

You pay no upfront fee and risk nothing to place an account.

Give us a just few details for a free quote. OR send us your invoice/contract or other proof of debt – and we will get started same business day. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let’s get your money back where it belongs.

We collect accounts, invoices, debts, and judgments. Single files or full AR portfolios. All industries & sectors.


Do you want cheap outsource staff or genuine professionals handling your accounts? Our Principals & Collectors apply leverage learned from their decades of hard experience.  No temps or outsourcing on the Pratt & Bagley team.  

Count on us to collect.


The Pratt & Bagley Team knows how to put real pressure on your debtors – directly and indirectly through critical third parties. (Amateurs only send letters or attempt phone calls.)

You can decide if you need to collect but still salvage that client relationship. Or tell us that you only care about getting them to pay — and you will get maximum legal force applied.


In pre-legal or “amicable” collections, you will get results — or you pay us nothing.  Period. No fine print. If your account collection requires next stage legal action, you will get a clear cost-benefit analysis to choose your best option. At every stage, we promise regular updates in understandable terms.

No excuses. Just results.

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